Thursday, November 12, 2009

Helping The Cause

It is easy to feel as if we cannot change or control the many problems facing our community today. However, I believe we can make a difference! I want to share with you an opportunity to help keep our youth out of trouble, redirect their path to a better road, and bring forth an interest in reading.

You can help by simply supporting Keep It Pushin’ Productions. All we are asking of you is to purchase one copy of the novel, “Heavy in the Game.” After reading the book, if you enjoyed it, we would be more than grateful if you would spread the word about this powerful story. Together, we can make an impact on the future of our community.

Heavy in the Game is a story about a hustler in the city of Los Angeles and his journey to the top of the drug business, only to find out that all that glitters is not gold once he gets in too deep and the streets become filled with envy. Jayshawn King, better known as Youngster, has become a very successful hustler in the streets of L.A while trying to raise his son, Jay. However, an incident in his past continues to haunt him and may seal his fate. He travels through the city among the notorious street gangs and the epidemic of drug use while jealousy, envy, and murder are only some of the obstacles that lurks as he attempts to stack his illegal earnings and get out of the game before becoming just another statistic locked away in prison or loses his life. Take a ride with Youngster and find out that it's definitely not all about the fast money, sex, and material things when you're heavy in the game.

When you purchase a copy of “Heavy in the Game,” your contribution will:

• Help the at-risk Youth Succeed
• Strengthen the inner-city communities
• Promote reading
• Respond to the illiteracy in America
• Support a Population in need

Please join me in making our community a better place to live by buying a copy and passing along the word about this amazing novel that is based on true events and real experiences in the streets of Los Angeles.


J. Love

Keep It Pushin’ Productions
P.O. Box 56738
Los Angeles, CA 90056
Phone (323) 216-0779
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where is the Guidance?

When I look outside my window I see a whole lot of pain.
I see drug deals going bad and bullets about to rain.
A fourteen-year-old girl on the hoe stroll,
just walking zombie as she sells her soul.
The youth looking up to the older fools
With their pants hanging low not even thinking about school.
Not allowing their minds to grow. But it’s cool.
Because the penitentiary is not looking to give out an education,
just a commitment from a wanna be and a life long dedication.
A material world chasing an illusion,
Caught up in a vicious cycle and a ball of confusion.
Where is the guidance?
That is the only solution.
I see choices are being made on the dark side,
doing whatever it takes for a fresh ride.
Hearing evil and seeing much worse,
feeling that this ghetto living must be a curse.
Smiling faces are not often seen.
Instead, it’s broken homes, violent gangs, and dope fiends.
Girls becoming mothers at such an early age,
adapting and thinking that things will never change.
Conditioned to fail and born raising hell.
Where is the guidance, so that we can excel?
When I look outside my window, so many problems I see.
I began to realize that part of the problem is me.
Sitting here knowing something could be done,
but I wait and hesitate until one day the victim is my son.
NO way! This day, I must make up my mind.
Because trying to make a difference is well worth the try.
I got nothing to lose, but maybe my life,
But there is much more to gain, if I would only strive.
My God, My family, and My community is the just cause.
Yes, finding something to die for
is better than dying for nothing at all.

Written by J. Love