Saturday, October 10, 2009

Making A Difference in the Inner-City Classrooms

Keep It Pushin’ Productions is determined to make a difference in the publishing industry with its debut novel, “Heavy in the Game” by J. Love.
Los Angeles, California – October 9, 2009 – “Heavy in the Game” is so real, vivid, and relatable it will provide a validation and reflection of the teen’s ages 15 and up outer and inner lives that few other teen media outlets consider. What sets this novel apart from the majority is, aside from an entertaining read, the story has many messages to learn from. Unlike most street fictions, this story tells of the struggles and consequences when living the street life. This novel does not paint a picture that will leave a desire to be a part of the streets, which is why it’s sure to make an impact on the minds of the youth.

Heavy in the Game is a novel based on true events of a single father who is a hustler and the domino effect his life has on the people around him. The message in this novel is to redirect the lives of the youth so that they will not make the same mistakes that have led many to either jail or death. The purpose of the first release from Keep It Pushin’ Productions is to make reading interesting and familiar to the inner-city students in classrooms. J. Love says, “I believe that reading brings forth better comprehension and comprehending is one of the main tools in learning.” A special education teacher, Deidra Bowen says, “The novel “Heavy in the Game” was an amazing story. As a teacher, I would love to use this book as a teaching tool for my students. Activities like an Open-Minded portrait would be great in getting my students to read and write. Making the connection between the Hip Hop culture and this book would be ideal in grabbing the student’s attention.” J. Love says, “Hip Hop music and Street Lit are one in the same except in the literary form, the story is not accompanied by beats and rhythm leaving room to think.”
A sample of Heavy in the Game, J. Love’s bio, as well as an article from the Los Angeles Sentinel can be found on Keep It Pushin’ Productions website at

Keep It Pushin' Productions would like to create an avenue for the youth to become authors, poets, editors, and screenwriters. Keep It Pushin’ Productions would like to be a part of bringing forth a generation of visionaries, thinkers, and great writers.

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